Wordpress Development

Zimdesk are masters of WordPress - the most popular CMS and blogging platform in the World.

We are experts in the design, build, hosting and support of websites developed in Wordpress. 

Combining our extensive experience with a wealth of ready-built WordPress plugins we can quickly, reliably and efficiently build your WordPress site. We have considerable experience of managing large scale deployments, serving millions of users per month and supporting thousands of editors.

We back up all of our blog deployments with a comprehensive helpdesk, allowing our customers to focus on the day to day production of their blog with our help, support and training.


What we can do?

WordPress website development

We can carry out the entire development of your WordPress site from its inception through its design and build and its long term hosting and support. Our dedicated team of designers, developers, editors and support engineers will ensure your site is built efficiently to the highest standards. Once the site is live it will be hosted on our robust and reliable platform and monitored 24/7 ensuring a fast and reliable experience for your customers. Alternatively, we can configure and install WordPress on the server of your choice.

Designing and building WordPress Themes

Our design and development teams will work with you to produce a rich and beautiful WordPress theme to meet your exacting requirements. All of our designs are quality tested by our QA team to ensure they work on all browsers, comply with standards and accessibility requirements, are optimised for search engines and offer an engaging problem free experience to your customers.

WordPress plugin development

Our developers know WordPress inside out and can extend WordPress to offer capabilities and features specific to your business requirements ensuring your customers get the best possible experience from the website.

WordPress Hosting

Through our hosting platform you can sleep easily at night, safe in the knowledge that your website will be being delivered to your customers quickly and reliably. Our team monitors websites 24/7 365 days a year and in the unlikely event of a problem we world quickly to resolve issues in a timely and professional manner.

WordPress Consulting

We can advice you on any aspect of architecting, designing, building or hosting a WordPress website. Our consultants have many years of experience of creating cutting edge WordPress sites for our customers, rangng from small start ups through to large multinational companies. We are a friendly team with a solid understanding of business and will speak with you in clear non-techie way.